LUBE JOB exposes the shocking truth behind  what may be greatest environmental holocaust the world has ever known... an unstoppable ecological disaster that threatens to eradicate one of the most treasured cultures in America.

Forced to flee France in the 1600s and expelled from Nova Scotia a century later, one third of the world's Cajun population call South Louisiana home.  Known for their odd accents and uncompromising joie de vivre, they share an almost spiritual connection with the land.   Yet it is vanishing before their very eyes... imperiled by a hidden treasure buried below.

Louisiana supplies one third of the country's seafood and 30-percent of the nation's oil and gas -- both extracted largely from the state's coastal freshwater marshes.  But, more than 15-thousand miles of pipeline canals dredged over decades by the oil and gas giants crisscross that landscape, funneling in lethal salt water from the Gulf.  A football field of land erodes every hour... up to 25 square miles each year... taking with it the only way of life many Cajuns have ever known.

Filmed almost entirely on the water over nearly a decade, LUBE JOB examines why this enchanted land became a sacrifice zone.  In doing so, it also answers a deeply profound and troubling question.  How is it possible the two greatest man-made disasters in America - the failure of New Orleans' floodwalls after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the epic British Petroleum oil spill in 2010 - strike the same region in the same decade?  Surprisingly, both cataclysmic events can be traced to the same hand:  the mighty oil and gas giants.

From the industry's humble beginning in 1901 to a historic 2014 lawsuit that dares to hold the energy giants accountable, the feature length film explores decades of corruption at the state level.  It offers proof of the industry's knowledge and intent, disclosing shameful internal memos and dramatic photographic imagery that attest to a century of destruction.  And, it reveals - for the first time on film - the stunning, unfamiliar shape of the United States' southern border no Louisiana politician or oil company executive want you to see.

Award winning director and producer, Guy Hernandez and Stephanie Kovac respectively, blend spectacular visual imagery with ambitious storytelling to deliver a blockbuster that exposes strange bedfellows and beckons the nation to demand answers - and action - before there's nothing left to lose. 

TEN YEARS after  the STORM...

FIVE YEARS after the SPILL...

An anniversary film


The UNTOLD story of Louisiana's

DEAL with the DEVIL.